Consistently Profitable Trading

Stocks and Options



What's included:

  • #StockMarketStimulus Course 
    Instant 6 month access to the #StockMarketStimulus online learning vault with the Stock and Options education. $4,997 ($5,997) 
  • -$1,000 in savings
  • Access to the #StockMarketStimulus Technical Training
    (Learn technical analysis - including deep dive explanations of Support, Resistance, Trading indicators, Trading time frames, and the Psychology of trading. Also advanced income trading strategies, and much more) $997 (included)
  • -$1,000 in savings
  • Access to the #StockMarketStimulus
    Students Private Facebook Group
    (Get motivated by, and share wins and best practices with other like-minded #StockMarketStimulus individuals from around the country) Plus 6 LIVE weekly coaching calls 
    $3,000 (included)
  • Bonus materials for a seamless way to get started investing and trading

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What Clients Say


“I’ve taken a course before, but nothing with such a great foundation that I received from Ernest and Latoya. The structure is what I really needed and now I feel confident in trading stocks and options.”

Avita M.

“Learning from you was a great experience and life changing. First time ever trading options learning from Ernest and you I made 477% return on a single trade. You guys are champs!”


“After the course, I have taken three trades and I'm up over 30% on all three trades within two days. Each trade I used less than $1K of capital. The course showed how to use technical analysis to trade stocks and options. Great course!”

Tyrell S.

What Is The Profit Room?

The Profit Room is a Stock Market and Trading Education Company, focused on teaching people from different walks of life how to trade or invest in the financial markets, as a way to produce income or build generational wealth.

Founded in 2016

Founders Ernest and Latoya both have over 13 Years of Trading and Investing Experience.
The Profit Room has taught people that ranged from the age of 16 years all the way up to 83 years of age.